Mr. Michel Duchateau

Michel is coach in innovation, trainer in project management & entrepreneur from Belgium. Within his company CreaDelta, he helps organizations and entrepreneurs skyrocket innovation and gain control on their projects. Practitioner, he spreads best practices from Lean Startup movement and Agile methods.

He animates corporate hackathons to bootstrap team projects like successful startups do. He is very active in several entrepreneurs associations, accelerators programs and coaching structures like WSL StarTech, Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels, Startup Weekend, business schools, public organisms of Brussels region and Wallonia region.

Michel participated to +15 Startup Weekend as an organizer, a facilitator and a coach. He is now Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend Europe and Startup Digest Curator for Brussels.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

, Belgium

Improving innovation & project management


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an advisory or consultancy active in
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment