Mr. Francesco Di Lodovico
Head of Brussels Office

Francesco Di Lodovico is Head of Brussels Office at The European House – Ambrosetti. He has 20 years of well blended professional experience, encompassing elements of management consulting, finance and international institutions. He graduated in Economics at Bocconi Unversity in Milan and got an MBA degree at the Solvay Business School in Brussels.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Agriculture / Food & Beverages / Digital Health / White Biotechnology / Energy-efficiency / Bio-Economy and materials / Communications / Chemicals / New Materials / Plastics/polymer / Life Sciences / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

management / finance / economics / european affairs

  The European House - Ambrosetti
Milano, Italy

Management consultancy company based in Milan, with seven offices in Italy and fourteen offices and business liaisons with other partners around the world

We provide professional support to client companies in the integrated and synergic management of the four critical aspects in the value-creating processes: SEEING, reading and interpreting the basic trends in the reference scenario through a multidisciplinary approach in order to understand which elements are decisive for strategic and organizational choices; DESIGNING, through formulating innovative strategic choices that guarantee real competitive advantage by exploiting discontinuities in the competitive scenario; IMPLEMENTING, by translating choices and goals into concrete results using structured models to manage activities, strategic projects and critical processes; VALORIZING the company's human resources, in the knowledge that organizations are comprised, above all, of people who must be motivated, guided and allowed to grow professionally. For each of these aspects, The European House - Ambrosetti has developed services, tools and innovative methods.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an advisory or consultancy active in
Technology Sectors: life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment