Mr. Nikola Rafaj

Founder/Co-founder of a few technology companies, focused on payments, e-commerce and invstements. Corporate experience in banking, retail and PR. For years Nikola helps technology startups to set viable business and grow.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT

Prague, Czech Republic

Startup accelerator focused on data, analysis and mobile

StartupYard is a seed accelerator for technology startups. Its goal is to help companies build a viable product, launch fast and prepare to attract funding. Since 2011, StartupYard has accelerated 35 companies, of which 19 are still active, 14 have raised angel capital, and 4 have been acquired. StartupYard is a member of Global Accelerator Network and is based in Prague, Czech Republic.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: a public or innovation support agency active in > incubation
Technology Sectors: ict