Mr. Paul Pelsmaeker

Paul is leading Stichting, the Dutch center of knowledge on digital health, which he co-founded in 2010. He is also founder of FICHe, the European digital health accelerator with 6.2 Meuro fund. The accelerator boosted 80 startups during the last 18 month program. Stichting is founder of the Digital Health Startup Hotspot. This hotspot, located in Utrecht (NL) offers co-working space, free services and events to boost access to (international) markets and access to finance and will launch a new digital health accelerator in 2017. The hotspot is partner of the European network of innovation hubs and is open to host startups and scale-ups from across Europe. As member of the advisory board of several digital health startups and startup coach in several European accelerator programs, he is very connected to the challenges that startups, scale-ups and SMEs face in the digital health ecosystems.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Digital Health / ICT

business modelling / internationalisation / dissemination / marketing

IJsselstein UT, Netherlands

Stichting is a center of knowledge for HealthIT and Health Innovation in Europe, with a focus on The Netherlands. Our mission: to contribute to the development and succesful implementation of HealthIT and Health Innovation. To deliver the promise of our mission: » we collect and publish any relevant knowledge and expertise through our media channels; » we facilitate others that add value to our mission; » we participate to events and activities that add value to our mission; » we initiate and organize events and activities that contribute to our mission.


 Organisation Activities
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Technology Sectors: ict