Dr. Marco  Scerbo, PhD
Responsible for R&D activites

Eng. PhD Marco Scerbo has a degree in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, with a thesis focused on the development of a renewable energy district; he continued to work in the field of renewable energies working at the FERA Ltd., as project manager. In 2007 he joined the PhD course in "Evaluation Methods" at the Faculty of Architecture of the University "Federico II" of Naples, developing an innovative procedure of Strategic Environmental Assessment, applied to the new Port Master Plan of the Port of Salerno. On 2011, he was research fellow at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence, and technology agent for the FRI. Since 2012, he is full time involved in the European project in charge of FRI as Project Manager, particularly on the following topics: Urban logistics, Business acceleration, ICTs' applied to valorization of Cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and sustainable buildings.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Other Technology Sector / Web & Mobility / Eco-Construction / Smart Mobility & Logistics / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

smart cities /  destination management /  urban logistics /  cultural heritage /  sustainable buildings

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FRI aims at technology transfer and higher education, thus fostering relationships between Enterprises and Universities, with a particular attention devoted to funding opportunities for innovation and a spotlight on entrepreneurship and innovation

F.R.I. is particularly involved in the organization of events as well as the participation into territorial initiatives so as to highlight the results of research thus contributing to the diffusion of a culture of innovation. FRI also carries out multidisciplinary strategic projects focusing on social and productive challenges in order to strengthen synergies among Universities, Enterprises and Institutions. F.R.I. has been successfully involved in 9 Regional Projects, 2 National Projects, 5 European Projects and 3 International Projects; besides, thanks to the support of its Technology Agents, it has also fostered 23 projects either setting up project layouts and actively collaborating with enterprises and qualified research centres/suppliers.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: a public or innovation support agency active in > technology transfer
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment