Dr. Eduardo Ros

Mr. Eduardo Ros (PhD in Physics in 1997) as professor at U. of Granada participated as IP in 7 EU grants. He has 3 PCT patents. He was awarded as “Best young researcher of Andalucía in 2002” (3rd Millennium award). In 2010 he attended to the “Ignite 2010” Entrepreneur course at U. of Cambridge (Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, CfEL). He has given more than 10 invited talks, some of them about topics such as open hardware paradigm, White Rabbit Technology, Entrepreneurship, etc. At Seven Solutions he was the CEO between 2006 (creation) and 2012. In that period the company received different innovation awards, Bancaja National Award to Young Entrepreneurs 2008 (by Bancaja Bank) and Entrepreneur XXI 2009 (Awarded by Caixa Bank). Currently, he is COO and head of the R&D Department. He also coordinates development and business with different international scientific consortia (such as CERN, KM3NeT, CTA, etc), that represent the main market of the company.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Electronics, Hardware & Peripherals / Hardware and Peripherals / Optoelectronics, Instrumentation, sensors / Industrial Automation/Robotics / Communications & Network Systems (incl. Satellite Comms) / Satellite navigation & eath Observation / Cloud & Big data / Innovation video capture and analytics solutions / Space Communications

timing and synchronization / hardware /  high performance computation /  open hardware /  real-time

  Seven Solutions SL
Granada, Spain

Main White Rabbit developer which is currently the most accurate, scalable and cost effective timing solution in the world. This is currently used in scientific facilities as CERN and has high potential in Telecom industry, Smart Grid and Finances.

Company. Seven Solutions currently leads the development and deployment of White Rabbit solution in the scientific market and has identified the business opportunity of transferring this technology to industries with high timing requirements such as Telecom (5G), Smart Grid and Finance. The solution can complement GPS by transferring ultra-accurate timing through terrestrial links. The solution is more accurate, scalable and cost-effective than the widely used PTPv2 protocol. The remarkably high technical specifications (WR is the most accurate Precision Time Protocol existing in the world). Vision and mission. Seven Solutions will provide the next generation of terrestrial timing links that allow accurate timing mainly for Telecom (next generation of 5G), as well as other markets such as power Smart Grid and Finance. Terrestrial time transfer prevents the vulnerabilities of these infrastructures that highly depend on GPS (with its inherent vulnerabilities to jamming and spoofing).


 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / communications / electronics, hardware & peripherals / space & defense, aeronautics, automotive
Geographic: spain