Mr. João Martins

Finishing my last year in Mechanical Engineering at FEUP (Engineering Faculty of University of Porto) and currently working for AdaptTech, a company that I helped found. Previous experiences include working for the University's Student's Associations, summer jobs working as an intern Engineer and participating in several acceleration programs (such as "UPTEC's accelaration program for startups" and "the CoHiTec program") and ideas contests ("BES REalize o seu Sonho" and "iUP25k")

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Life Sciences / Industrial Automation/Robotics / ICT / Security & Cyber Security

  AdaptTech - Adaptation Technologies
Porto, Portugal

A biomedical company that uses innovative, smart and wearable technologies to deliver full adaptation and greater comfort to people with physical limitations.

At AdaptTech we develop and commercialize technologies to help people with physical limitations to live with greater comfort and improve their quality of life by overcoming obstacles imposed by those limitations. We want to become a worldwide reference in biomedical solutions for everyone.

Tags: medical devices

 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / life sciences / medical devices / security & cyber security
Geographic: porto