Mrs. Terhi Jantunen
Advisor, development services

I'm experienced and internationally focused Advisor with passion for culture, especially music and sports. I enjoy overcome challenges and love to win myself to continuously improve my actions and develop myself as human, creative individual. As a leader I prefer facilitation and creative problem solving. I believe in group power when everybody is contributing their best, which ends up giving far more than just sum of its units. I'm experienced in for example internationalization, international cooperation, business development, immigration, networking. Development actions include for example promotion of travel, urban business environment, supporting SMEs. Green and blue development and technologies, sustainable growth, energy efficiency are also my interest. Besides my actual working experience I have been living and studying in China and in Malaysia.Living in abroad and my wide range of studies reflects my open minded and easy-to-ignite character.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Environment / Alternative/Renewable Energy / Eco-Construction / Other Clean Technology, Environment or Energy / Energy-efficiency / Smart Mobility & Logistics / Other Communications / Other Industrial Products, Materials or Services / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

internationalization / creative industries / networking / immigration / smart city

  Wirma Lappeenranta Ltd.
Lappeenranta, Finland

Regional Business Development Company

Wirma Lappeenranta develops regional business in South-East Finland. Wirma supports start-ups and growth-seeking existing companies and promotes entrepreneurship. Wirma's main objectives include promotion of green growth in Lappeenranta and creation of new jobs.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an advisory or consultancy active in
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment