Mr. Vagner Morais

Vagner Morais is an accomplished business, management and technology consultant with over 10 years of experience within global corporations and international organizations, including the European Commission (Brussels) and the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN - Geneva). Throughout his career, Vagner has led and been involved in the management and delivery of enterprise-wide business & technology programs to a wide variety of sectors including Energy, Media, Telecommunications and Government. His management consulting activities are focused on providing tailored business innovation advisory and value-driven services by helping customers aligning strategy with operations, in Business, Government and Technology settings. He holds an MBA from London Business School (completed at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania) and a 5-year-degree in Electrical and Computer Engineer from the University of Oporto.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Other Technology Sector

management consulting /  innovation advisory / entrepreneurship / business advisory / venture capital and innovation financing

  BGT Consulting Group
Brussels, Belgium

BGT Consulting Group is a boutique management consulting and business innovation advisory firm specialized in strategic, financial and operational consulting of organizations operating in Business, Government and Technology settings.

BGT Consulting Group is a boutique management consulting and business innovation advisory firm, specialising in value innovation and strategic growth. We respond to the strategic, financing and operational demands of organizations seeking growth through innovation. We bring our clients the necessary insights to help them establish sound and sustainable growth strategies. With one eye on how to navigate regulatory and R&D framework programmes, and the other on how to translate vision into value innovation, we build bridges between Business, Government and Technology.


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Technology Sectors: ict / energy, clean technology, environment