Ms. Victoria Martinez

Victoria has a strong educational background in engineering and marketing but at early age, she founded her first startup, which boost her a passion for innovation, disruptive companies and new companies. After 14 years creating startups, working or helping them all around Europe, she moved to the Netherlands where she founded Eindhoven Startups Foundation ( to facilitate entrepreneurs the access to knowledge and network through community building. The goal is to create an active startup city and increase the number of startups created in the region by connecting the stakeholders of the ecosystem. At this moment, the organisation has over 400 members and more than 150 events per year.

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  Eindhoven StartUps Foundation
, Netherlands

Eindhoven Startups Foundation is the community of entrepreneurs and startup in the Eindhoven Region. It was founded in 2013 as an informal network and it became an organisation with more than 400 members, 150 events per year and working on different projects with public institutions to facilitate the entrepreneurial path to young companies. The focus in on knowledge and network to grow and create an active startup city.


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