Mr. Florian Meissner

Florian Meißner is CEO of GmbH. He is the founder of the, and one of the intellectual protagonist of the growing network of regional health and social service providers in Saxony. The main responsibilities of his work include coordinating and conveying between the different understandings of the disciplines of business administration, health science and informatics for developing demand orientated solutions in the sectors of healthcare and social services.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Digital Health / ICT / Software & IT Services / Medtech / Digital therapy and patient engagement (treatment focus) / Health data & analytics (health decision support) / Digitally enabled healthcare delivery, remote & telehealth (connecting patients & healthcare)

design of healthcare processes / development of new healthcare services / businessmodels in the healthcare sector GmbH
Leipzig, Germany

Our solutions strengthen the resource-based approach and establish professional, economic and technical innovation in a common ecosystem.

The main Focus of our solution is to promote cooperation between the healthcare professionals based on the patient’s needs. For this, our solution supports any healthcare professional clinically managing person with chronic diseases and/ or multimorbidity in all types of care provided by clinicians, including pharmacological treatment, non-pharmacological interventions like psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social services.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: software & it services / digital health / digital therapy and patient engagement (treatment focus) / health data & analytics (health decision support) / digitally enabled healthcare delivery, remote & telehealth (connecting patients & healthcare)
Geographic: europe / austria / germany / switzerland