Ms. Karen Boers
Managing Director

Has extensive experience in growing and sustaining communities and multi-partner event management as the former Marketing Director at iMinds, the Flemish software innovation institute that is involved in many European projects and collaborations. She was the responsible for the conceptual design & strategy of big, disruptive events like the Future Internet Week (2010) – joining 10 European conferences on the topic of future internet with different angles & communities being involved into one umbrella event, allowing these communities to connect and cross-fertilize, substantially changing the way in which these stakeholders interact. Karen is also one of the co-founders as well as the Managing Director of, the lead partner in this project. She has identified and developed a solution to counteract the extensive and counter- productive fragmentation in the Belgian start-up ecosystem, joining 70+ organizations into 1 consolidated program.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT
Ghent, Belgium brings together the key players in the Belgian Entrepreneurial ecosystem. now joins 65+ of such organizations, actively supporting (starting) tech entrepreneurs, through coaching & training, incubation, acceleration, networking & pitching opportunities, expertise in relevant domains or financing. Through this initiative government agencies, federations, cities, knowledge institutions as well as entrepreneur-for-entrepreneur initiatives and volunteer-driven organizations are joining forces to build the foundation of the next generation knowledge economy.


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Technology Sectors: ict
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