Mr. Andreas Diehl

I`m a customer and number driven entrepreneur passionate about startups, business models and technology. The past 13 years I`ve founded several online and mobile startups from which the most still exist or have been acquired. Right now I`m supporting startups and founders to design their business model and to accelerate their growth. More on this can be found on

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT
Köln, Germany

Helping early stage startups to find product-market fit

As a three times founder in the digital space I know what it takes to run and build a startup. Currently I work on a service that should empower startups to make faster and better decisions and pivots. Working with startups I mostly focus on go to market strategies, business and financial modelling. I also support some in hiring and building their (digital) product.


 Organisation Activities
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Technology Sectors: ict
Geographic: germany