Prof. Rossella Corrao
CEO @ SBskin. Smart Building Skin s.r.l.

Architect, PhD in Building Engineering: Design, Techniques and Building Production, and Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo. Her research activity has been aimed, over the last few years, at the study of the effects of the technological evolution in the building sector, taking into particular account the study of mechanical assembly systems for the construction of sustainable architectural claddings and the evaluation of novel material and technologies for the performance optimization of technical building elements. More in detail, the research activity has been focused on the analysis of the problems related to the use of high technology materials for the performance enhancement of the light-transmitting elements of the architectural cladding. She is author of several books and scientific publications on journals and on national and international conference proceedings. She is CoFounder and CEO of SBskin. Smart Building Skin srl

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Environment / Energy Efficiency & Transmission / Alternative/Renewable Energy / Eco-Construction

dssc integrated glassblock /  multifunctional components for solar fa├žade /  sustainable architecture /  dry-assembled and prestressed translucent panels for the building envelopes

  SBskin. Smart Building Skin s.r.l.
Palermo, Italy

SBskin: a cost-effective way to make solar buildings green and aesthetic

SBSkin arises from the scientific activity carried out since 2009 by Rossella Corrao and her team at the University of Palermo. It is an academic spin off of UNIPA aimed at the performance optimisation of light-capturing elements of the building envelope in order to use them for the construction of sustainable and translucent building envelopes in different climate contexts. SBskin is led to the design and the technological definition of translucent glassblock panels that are precast, dry-assembled and prestressed enabling outdoor installation even in high-rise buildings. The panels can also be made of modified glassblock which integrate third generation solar cells, thus functioning as PV building elements. SBSkin panels are provided of the following features: " High values of thermal and acoustic insulation; " Tunable levels of light transmission; " Different values of energy production; " Elevated rates of mechanical resistance; " Customisation of the products.

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