Mr. Valter Darbe

University degree at Politecnico of Torino, Mr Darbe spent his first 10 years as technical and organisation manager in private manufacture companies.Certified Management Consultant ICMCI; Member of ISCRIS (Italian Association of Consultants companies for Innovation, Research and Development);Certified Management and Environmental Lead Auditor; Certified Manager for Quality, he joined the advisory activities in 1995 for management consulting in strategy, reorganization, risk analysis, due diligence. Referent for innovative projects of several SME Unions,he has been also consultant referee of of University of Torino and University of Piemonte Orientale for design and implementation of organisational management models.Thanks this network of entrepreneurs, university R&D centres, investors, corporations, and advisors he helps dynamic innovators SMEs and start-ups to become more competitive and successful at international level.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / ICT / Electronics, Hardware & Peripherals



IGC was born in the early 90s as a Management Consulting company. IGC works with companies which deal with competitiveness problems. Every time our clients have to face an extraordinary financial intervention, a problem related to strategic choice comes out and every change made to implement competitive development, implies the design and the implementation of tailor made strategies. Anyway, this refers to problems of resource availability for: Innovation and development; Competencies; Technologies; Partnership. Which mean: financial resources.For this reason, IGC find alternative financial sources to attain strategic plan for competitive repositioning or star up ventures: UE financial instruments for SMEs, and complementary private investments, risk capital and guarantee instruments for SMEs, including microfinance. All IGC financial advisory activities are addressed to enhancing the capabilities of SMEs to make better use of the financing instruments.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an advisory or consultancy active in
Technology Sectors: ict / electronics, hardware & peripherals / energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: italy