Ms. Ozgur Durmaz
General manager

Ozgur Graduated from Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty Business Administration Department. She completed postgraduate program in the field of Public Administration Urbanization and Environment at Mersin University. She started her career as administrator in Migros Turk TAS and continued as Human Resources and Training Manager in Berdan Textile. Since April 2008 serving as the general manager of Mersin Technopark Inc. Act as the Consultant to Mersin Governor, also Board Member of Association of Turkish Technology Parks. Involved in the numerous training programmes like Professional Tourist Guiding, Internal Quality Auditor, Management Decision Making and Problem Solving, Human Resource Management, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Training the trainers, Communication and Group Efficiency, Supermarket School. Take part in many meetings, workshops and seminars as the speakers and participants.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Machinery/Electrical Equipment / Industrial Products, Materials & nanotech / ICT / Life Sciences

innovation /  entrepreneurs /  partnering

Mersin, Turkey


Mersin Technology Development Zone (Technoscope) was established in June 2005 in order to use the research-development (R&D) studies carried out by the university, industry and other institutions to develop new technologies and transfer them into the industrial production that will contribute to the competitive position of Mersin in both national and international levels. Technoscope’s objectives are to attract companies in biotechnology, food, chemistry, design, automotive and consultancy sector. Technoscope, with its collaboration activities, modern infrastructure and superstructure facilities for technology producers and developers, researchers and academicians, will create synergy in the region and convert knowledge to economic value by university-industry collaboration. As of April 2013, there are 63 companies having operation on various sectors; software, mechanical, design, medical design, mechatronic, chemistry, food, automotive and consultancy.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: other
Technology Sectors: food & beverages / ict / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment / automotive / industrial products, materials & nanotech
Geographic: turkey / europe