Mr. Daniele Pierobon

My name is Daniele Pierobon, I received my Master’s Degree in Industrial Biotechnology in 2005 at the University of Turin. In 2011 I have been awarded a PhD in Molecular Medicine and I am still working in this field as researcher. More than two years ago I started a collaboration with I3P (Innovative Enterprises Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin), as consultant for spin-offs and entrepreneurial projects aimed to work in Life Sciences.

  I3P, Incubatore Imprese Innovative Politecnico di Torino
Torino, Italy

I3P, Italy’s most important university-based enterprise incubator

I3P is one of the main European university incubators. It hosts start ups in a variety of industries (IT/digital, Cleantech, Medtech and Industrial), founded by either members of the academic community, or by other entrepreneurs. I3P provides startups with a thriving environment and a full suite of value-added services, including strategic and technical consulting, fundraising, recruitment and business development, in order to help entrepreneurial teams boost their business. Each year, I3P receives on average 350 applications, works on 120 projects and supports the incorporation of 40 new startups, of which 20 are admitted to its incubation process. I3P is a non-profit company founded by Politecnico of Torino, Metropolitan City of Torino, Torino Chamber of Commerce, Finpiemonte, City of Torino and Torino Wireless Foundation.

  Project Name: I3P

One Liner:

Product/Value Proposition (regulatory status): I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico of Torino, is the main university based incubator and one of the best at European level. I3P’s mission is to promote the creation of new science-based businesses with validated growth potential, either founded by university researchers or entrepreneurs from outside the university sphere. We provide open spaces and professional consulting services to start your own business as well as a network of entrepreneurs, managers and investors .

  What are we looking for ?

  Competitive Position / Advantage / IP

  Business Opportunity & Market Potential

  Go2 Market Strategy/Internalization Expansion Plans

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  Patents / IP Protection